Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More of "Normal"

I had a doozy of a week awhile back, working lots of nights.  In the midst of that week I had a bit of reprieve with my twin!
 Kristen and I headed to Kearney for a bit of shopping...we did not buy the mustaches though.
 This aisle in Target proved to be a lot of fun!  Can you hear me now?
 And this book...oh, my.  I laughed a lot.  I think I should have bought it.
 Part of the roughness of that week, was the lack of sewing therapy I was getting.  I still haven't had much :(  Sadness.  Here is a look at one thing I managed to work on.  Hehe, doesn't look like much.  It is a surprise so I can't tell you any more.
 We have a few new babies at our house.  This little one required some intervention.  Another mare who usually has a baby didn't this year.  She insisted that this little lady was hers and tried to get in the way.  We separated them for awhile and all is well now.
 Hehe, this is part of spring in Nebraska this year.  The last two days have now been in the 80s but they are forecasting some of this tomorrow, perhaps.  Crazy.
 Last weekend, we ladies headed to an extended family event.  We went to a bridal shower for my cousin Jessie.  It was a lovely time!


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