Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nebraska and My History Too!

Dark and early, the day began.  Last Friday, mom, Brenna and I headed east to Lincoln.
Mom and Brenna attended a Christian home school conference.
After getting them settled in at the conference I headed out on an adventure.  Bet you can guess what kind!  Historical markers, hurray!
First stop, Syracuse, home of the only drive thru Subway I've seen.  You actually drive through a building :)
Marker number one.  The location simply said Hwy 2, it was no longer correct.  Using the experience in such hunts I looked for a city park or city building.  The park was quickly found and the marker too, right on the OLD Hwy 2.
Next on the list was Cook, NE.  Cook is home to this adorable covered bridge.
It is also home of this fun, little log cabin.
And, of course, an historical marker.
It is amazing the difference in this part of the state.  They've gotten rain and the grass is turning green.  Hopefully that will be our area soon.
On the way to Lincoln I told mom where I would be hunting.  I mentioned Tecumseh, NE and she told me that Grandma Slagle said some of the Slagles came from there.
Perhaps they stayed in this jail ;)  Haha!
Tecumseh has a beautiful city hall, etc..  I love how the blue sky peeked out!
It also has parking down the middle of some of the streets.  It was rather disconcerting at first.
I hoped to run across a Tecumseh cemetery to see if I could spot a relative/ancestor.  I drove right by one and checked out the directory.
I found some!

This is just the beginning of both histories on this adventure!!

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