Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Springtime In Nebraska :S

Nebraska's springtime is quite an unsure time as far as the weather is concerned.  Here we are at Easter, the end of March, outside soaking up the lovely sunshine sans coats.
 I love my family, we had a great day!
 There was an egg hunt, LOTS of food, some soccer, fort playing and more food.
 Even a little cuddle time was to be had by some.
 We had a photoshoot of sorts.  Such fun, silly kiddos.
 This is one of my favorites, such attitude!

 And then last week we had a ice/snow/tornado storm thing.  It left the landscape looking a little different and required a few more layers.
 The iciness made it a perfect day for sledding with an old school runner sled.
 Even I joined in the activity.  Like my outfit? ;)

It is still cold out this week, we'll see what God sends next week!

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