Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Boy Blue Quilt

My grandma use to sell Cameo fabric paints back in the day.  Well, when she moved she found all sorts of started projects that she used as samples.  One of them was this adorable little boy blue piece.  She gave it to me to finish.
When I got it the little boy was simply outlined.  The hat, bandana and boots were the only thing filled in.  My favorite part of this quilt is the quilting I did on the shirt to make it look plaid!  I used gray and red.
I decided to cover the yellow of the hat with some straw-like yellow print fabric.  The pants I did by raw-edge applique in three different blue prints.  I really like the effect it gives.

It was a lot of fun to finish all the different aspects of this quilt!
I wanted a quick little project a few weeks ago.  I decided to use the pillow shams I bought at the rummage sale and turn them into a quick skirt.  It wasn't as quick as I had planned.  I envisioned simply adding a wide elastic waistband, but looked terrible on me.  I used the lining in the sham to line the skirt and even managed french seams to keep it from fraying out!  On the second attempt I added a zipper and some pleats.  The puffiness of the pleats had the same affect on my appearance as the elastic waistband.  Sooo, third time is the charm right?!  I sewed down the pleats and TADA!  I love this skirt, it goes with so many tops!

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