Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Gift Continues!

After a lovely sleep in this AWESOME brass bed, we were on our way again.
 We filled up with gas, got us some joe, and picked up lunch vittles at the grocery store.  Some new terrain was in store for our second day!
The "Kristen postcard" pointing to Courthouse and Jail Rocks.
Don't you see it?!
Kristen was a dear and did a lot of the driving...I took the opportunity to photo bomb her :)
It was the day of many women as far as markers go.  This is the first one marking the travels and death of a women coming across the prairie.

This marker is the second woman.
This marker is in Bridgeport, NE.  Right across from what USED to be a Runza.
Awww, we used to have one of these!
This was one of the many markers we came across that were "extra" and marked the path of the Oregon Trail.  My tripod skills still need some work apparently :S
And here are those awesome rocks we were telling you about.  Do the Vanna White pose.
I can hold the Jail Rock in my hand WITH my birthday crown.
This trip was filled with lots of extra markers, mostly repeating the path of the Oregon Trail and others showing the other repeated path...the Pony Express.

So much history for two young women.  There was a crack in the asphalt here.  The tar was soft and squishy.
This last photo shows a clue to our next stop along the way.  Can you guess what it was?


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