Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Present To ME!

I thought about doing something big for my 30th birthday.  I wanted to have Lost and Found come do a concert here in central Nebraska, but it cost too much.  I wanted to have a big party and invite everyone I know, but I didn't want to be the party thrower and I didn't even know if people would come.
Soooo, I took my beautiful friend Kristen and we had ourselves a lovely historical marker adventure!!
The adventure involved crossing a time zone and giggling about Hooker County.  I've always known it was named that, but that was the first time I thought about it and giggled.
At each marker we read out loud, trading off at paragraphs and such.  We read this marker and giggled a bit before turning around to find we had an audience!  I don't think he was amused :D
Next, was the site of Hecla, NE.  Nothing there to show for it now, but it was named after an Icelandic place.  Do we look cold?
Aww, my blessed sandhills!  It was so fabulous to drive through them again, so therapeutic.
On to Antioch, which only has this little bit behind us to show for what it once was.
We thought the landscape behind us was indeed the perfect place for an air field to have been, nice and flat.  We then read the marker...it wasn't located just here.  Kristen's grandfather helped build that air field and her grandmother worked there.  Cool!
Hello, Alliance!
Kristen's family lives in this area of the state, it was awesome to have her expertise on the trip.
Choo, choo!
Daisies are my favorite flower.
And...they were located right in front of the building of my namesake!!  I did some research upon coming home.  This building was a medical facility of Dr. Charles E Slagle who died in 1956 I believe.  Perhaps some relation!?
No need to look too closely at this picture.  We went with a dull, bored look and...we don't look so good ;) This one was funny.  As I went back to grab the camera, a car drove by and the guy kind of gawked at us.  Kristen began to laugh.  I thought it was a bit over the top, until she said, "That was my uncle."  We got to stop and chat with them too.  So funny!
This one was outside of Hemingford a bit.  We opted for a jumping shot!  So excited we both were actually off the ground :)
We didn't linger there too long, because this was headed our way!
It was then back to Alliance to the hospitality of Kristen's grandparents!  Ah, what a lovely day!


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