Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Big 30 Has Come!

Oh Kristen, what could it be?!
Me, oh me, Alissa is thirty!!
Yes, yes I truly am.  There are those who refuse to believe it, but 30 I am.  On my big day there was a party at work for our 5th year anniversary so I put in some time there.  Then I had my friend Kristen, Aunt Beth and Grandma over for supper, cake and ice cream.
Brenna used some of the asparagus tops we found for supper as a head dress!  She then dressed accordingly.
It was a nice and quiet gathering, well as quiet as we get.
Mom bought me some pretty daisies for my birthday and Beth got me these lovely carnations!
Do you like my headband?  A co-worker got that for me and insisted that I wear it while working.  I did.
I got several yummy bits of fabric, hurray!
We did not opt for 30 match sufficed.
Before Kristen had to leave the kids put in a rousing game of Skip Bo.
So blessed to have her here.

Here is to the next 30 years!!
(more to come on my birthday gift to myself!!!)


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