Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time With Lovelies

Who is that Brenna and I are with?!  Eek, I spy some lovely little niece and nephew faces!
Our family went to Omaha for the Teach Them Diligently homeschool conference at the end of last month.  It worked out for Travis and Michelle to fly to Omaha as well and also go to the conference.  The boys were able to go to a kiddo class and be army men.  That left Brenna and I with the little lovelies!
I had thought about taking them to things out and about in Omaha, but chickened out a bit.  The $8 charge for parking every time also was a factor.  Instead, I brought lots of goodies and we played in the Century Link Center where the conference was held.
We played outside on the terrace with play dough.  We saw the circus elephants outside taking a bath too!
We played with dolls and the dollhouse quilt that Grandma and I made for my niece.
The little guy loved playing with the blocks we gave to his big sister for her birthday!
It was lovely time spent with them.

There was even some Pitch playing in the hotel room on Friday night after we went swimming.  Did you know that those hotel tables do actually move?!
After the conclusion of the conference on Saturday we went and ate supper with my aunt.  My family headed back home, but these guys didn't fly out until Sunday afternoon.  That meant another day of fun with me and the mini van!
We stopped by Joslyn Castle.  Didn't take any pictures of it though because there were cops and firemen dealing with some inebriated individuals on the lawn.
I did however run into a friend from my time in Omaha, CRAZY!  It all happened right here next to a lovely historical marker!  What a bonus!
So blessed!


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