Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Birthday For Two!

Why did I get to sit next to this fiery ball of attitude?
For the birthday celebration of her brothers of course!! The winking one and...
...and the pointing one!

We met up for pizza, presents and laughs!

These are some imaginary friends I was instructed to include in the photos.
Grandma went all out and got gifts for a few other surrounding birthdays.  Hehe, Big Dog got an OLD glory shirt ;)
Hehe, his mom is actually holding the gift that was in the bag.
That face was in fact due to the batteries that came with, ah kids.
I made superhero outfits for the boys.  This guy wasn't much into it at first.
They each got a cape, eye mask and wrist cuffs.
Here is Grandma with the kids!

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