Monday, July 15, 2013

Barns and Birdhouses

Mom and I were actually alone at the byway barn this past month.  Usually we have one of the kids with us.  It was a lovely, quiet afternoon.
I worked on the binding to this cute wall hanging quilt.  It was good to finish something.  I haven't done much sewing in the last few weeks.
After I was done with that I decided to go outside and catch some of the wild flowers that are planted in the grass near the barn.
It was a lovely afternoon, and the flowers were so obliging.
I needed some time alone with nature to clear my mind and heart.
In the end I sat next the windmill and watched the clouds roll by.  You should try it sometime!
There are pictures inside the barn of many of the old railroad depots.  This one caught my eye because Kristen and I stopped at a historical marker for Hecla on our last trip!
The cherry quilt I had hanging above my bed is on display at the Tumbleweed Cafe in town so I decided the birdhouses could hang out there for the time being!

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