Monday, July 22, 2013

Brownville, the Adventure.

Our family went on a weekend adventure!  We headed to the eastern part of the state.
Our first stop was in Brownville, NE.  It is an adorable, historic river town south of Omaha.
The kids and I went wandering in one direction and the other adults went in the other.
I was here once before.  We ended up eating here and buying books here before leaving.
Our adventure included some friends as well.
They have a walking trail through town.

We were very excited when we came upon this plaque.  And then we read it!
Can you read it? "On this site in 1897 nothing happened."  Hahaha!
We found this bench, in memory of all the men and women who have lost their lives in the Missouri River.  Real, but different.
Brenna helped governor Furnas plant his tree and start Arbor Day!

The kids humored me and posed next to the historical markers.  That is why I'd been to Brownville before.
We checked out the log cabin.
And more markers.
Hehe, it was hot...and this magnificent house was at the top of the hill.  They started to whine.
Then the wind died down and they got louder.  I could see a breeze blowing in the tree tops so I told them to put their hands in the air and be trees.  It worked...the wind began to blow :)
We were actually beginning to try and find the other grown ups.  No luck with texting them so we crossed the highway and checked out the train depot.  We actually almost went all the way to the river.
I decided they were probably in the old school since I'd seen a bookstore sign near there.  I was right again.  On our last loop down main we saw them in the van.  Whew!

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