Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Down From The Bluff

We left Scottsbluff only to come back around under it through the bluff itself.  I was saddened to find this marker missing...  So we became the marker.
There were once again Oregon Trail and Pony Express markers.

However, as we continued on our way we found the missing marker!!  It has a bad leg so I'm guessing it is going to be fixed and moved to the new location with its marker buddies. :)
We drove up past the Scottsbluff National Monument.

Then it was down south to Kimball.  There we saw what is so common in smaller towns of NE, an empty school house.
We also saw a tree in the middle of the road.
And a massive, but beautiful home!
It was then on to learn about the Maginnis Irrigation Flume.

And then of the founding and use of irrigation in Cheyenne County.  Do the sprinkler!
Phew!  We were busy!
More to come :)


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