Friday, July 05, 2013

Rattle Snakes And The Great I-80.

Watch out for rattlesnakes!  We jest but we both admitted we would run and scream if there actually were any rattlesnakes.
I'm not much of an interstate kind of traveler, I prefer the back roads.  Some of the markers were however, on I-80 at rest areas.  This one gets kudos for having something different.  We had to climb for this marker!
You can see the trucks down below, those are parked at the rest area.
It took us a bit to get that good of a picture.  After getting to the top I realized I didn't have my camera remote.  The only timer that works is the 2 second one.  Hehe, I had to run.
It was then back down to the bottom for a few more markers.  Did you know there is a golden link somewhere in I-80?!  And did you further know that Nebraska was the first state to finish their section of I-80?

The last marker was off in front of the hills.  They seemed to beckon one in...and then you saw the yellow rattlesnake signs and thought better of it.  I wonder if those signs were simply for that purpose, keep people from exploring.

After a bit of I-80 travel we headed back up to Sidney.
I took this one for my friend Joy who is from PA.  Her address in PA was Lincoln Highway!
Welcome to Sidney!

Hehe, the flag on a wagon made me giggle!
The wind was a blowing by this point in the day.  In dresses, we both had to be careful for those Marilyn Monroe moments.  This one was north of Sidney almost to Gurley.  They searched 60 years for oil in western NE before they found any.
Before our next stop we found another extra for....
You guessed it, the pony express :)

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