Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Laughing Finish

Welcome to the final leg of our journey.
We headed off the interstate again to venture into Lodgepole.
The ramp back on made me giggle.  If you don't get are in for a back road treat!
One of our rest area destinations is no more.  We drove by in a perplexed state and wondered as to the new placement of those markers.  We did actually find one at our next destination.
Sad day, there was a crash near here.
And look!  It is another pony express marker!!
Our last rest area visit was just before Big Springs.  The markers were up in this round tower-ish structure and it was WINDY!  We over exaggerated a bit for the picture, but it didn't take much!

The 3rd one of these markers was also missing :(
Next it was on to Big Springs where we were the, er, entertainment for the late afternoon!  Kristen represents a sod house and I represent the Sam Bass gang.  Little did we know but we had an audience of some guys in their truck.  Hehe.
They pulled into the grocery store about a block away.  We drove past to our next marker...about a block past the grocery store.  Isn't this a cool old hotel!?

And look, there it is again!  Woot, woot, for the pony express :)
Me likes.
And again, great architecture!

Anywho, we drove back past the guys now outside of their trucks.  They chuckled and waved, we chuckled and was a good old time.
The rest of our journey was just driving in the lovely companionship of friends.


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