Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Rest Of The Zoo!

So our time at the zoo took place on one of the really hot days.  Ugh.  The zoo is sooo big!
The kids and I wanted to see the elephants and rhinos at the far end.  Mom and Dad were too tired and our other companions were watching an IMAX movie.  To the big guys we went...
They have no elephants right now, but we saw this guy.
Our meeting time was quickly approaching and I was just as tired as everyone else so I paid for the three of us to ride back to "central station" on the skyfari.  Quinn wasn't so excited, but we made it!
It was awesome!
We went right over the top of several animals, even saw some ostrich eggs lying about in this pen.
All back together again we decided the air conditioned aquarium would be a great next stop.

And then it was on to the jungle!

We were excited to see this little one!

It was really neat down on the jungle "floor."
I took just as many pictures of the flowers, maybe more than the animals down there.
And then we came to the bats...who had just been fed and were flying EVERYWHERE!!  Including right over my head.  I made a quick exit to the next area!!

After our adventure at the zoo we decided to head back into Omaha for Shakespeare On The Green in Elmwood Park.  It was an experience!
Great times!  We finished the adventure off the next day with laser tag, bazooka ball, arcade games and miniature golf at Family Fun Center.
Whoo, what an adventure!

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