Tuesday, July 02, 2013

This Chimney Rocks!

Did you guess it?  Chimney Rock was our next historical marker.  Due to time constraints and a large number of markers on the list, we did not drive up to the visitors center.
Also, there was some road construction almost right up to the marker we needed.  We weren't sure how that was going to work out when we were following the pilot car.
Two Redheads and Chimney Rock.
This is Kristen's chimney :)
As we headed to our next marker we came across another extra.  This one was located in Melbeta...never heard of it.  I have now!
It was another Oregon Trail marker.  Apparently this should have been called the Oregon Trail adventure!
Scottsbluff soon came up on the horizon.  The marker we were looking for was supposed to be located at the county airport.  We looked and looked, but no marker :(  So we stopped here instead.
I actually forgot to put this one on my list when I typed it up, so it worked out well that we drove past.  This is the third woman mentioned as one who died along this trail.  Her grave is actually located there along the highway.
Wyoming was nearly our destination for the next 3 markers.  We were a few mere miles from the border.  These told of a peace treaty made with the Indians of this area...it failed :(

It was quite interesting to read!
We took advantage of the picnic table at this roadside stop and had our lunch.

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