Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Sewing Space

I live in my parent's basement.  My sewing space is in my parent's basement.  When I first moved back and jumped into sewing and quilting again, I was doing it in my bedroom.  Each time I finished working on a project I'd have to pack it all up again so I could use my bed.  That was when I got the go ahead to move into the "family room."
I've rearranged a few times but this is what I have found works the best.  I have an 8 foot table in the middle of the room.  It doubles as a desk for my laptop, Bible reading, card writing, bill paying, etc..  I cleaned/organized it in order to take a picture...but life continued.  What you see is a pile of scrap fabric I'm going to cut into 2" squares, the items needed for my siblings art project, some possible Christmas ideas... :)
It isn't the fanciest, but it is a great space.  I love having the drawers under the table for storage.  They are filled with patterns, ribbon, buttons, quilt along blocks and utensils.
This is actually my secondary machine, the Pfaff 1222 my great aunt gave me several years ago.  I only use it when I need to zigzag, do button holes or have a quilt on the other in the process of being quilted.  The map above the table speaks of my other love.  I love Nebraska and am on a quest to find all of the historical markers therein.  This map has pins marking each one's place.
My main machine I use on all projects is this 1920's "Red Eye" Singer treadle machine.  I LOVE IT!!  I got it at sale about 6 years ago and I've never looked back.  All she needed was a new leather belt and we were up and running.
 Fabric seems to be my addiction, fabric and old books.  This is part of my stash.  Many think since I'm a younger quilter that I won't have much fabric.  I have been gifted many a load of fabric.  I don't really bother with buying specific designers or lines, I like to use what I have and move from there.  Discovering fabrics that work together is part of the challenge! 
 There are the books, they are also my mom's addiction so this is also our library of sorts.  On the right you can see more of the stash.  That pile is a new acquisition that required some shuffling.  It also explains the pile of scrap fabric I am cutting into squares.  There was no longer a home for that scrap basket!
Here is Aunt Gladys, she is my 3rd and last sewing machine.  I purchased her on the Junk Jaunt also, from some neighbors.  She belonged to her Aunt Gladys, so I kept the name.  She is very similar to my treadle, but is indeed electric.  My sister usually uses Aunt Gladys when she joins me in the sewing room.  The table I set her in is very special to me as it was my great grandmother's.  Her machine was old, rusted and mouse pooped on, so I threw it out and refinished the table.
 Here is a shot of more of the fabric addiction.  The top cupboard holds my started projects.
I spend many a happy hour down here in my sewing space!



  1. Your fabric addiction is waaay worse than mine! =)

  2. lovely space you have! :)
    xoxo melzie

  3. You definitely have received some great fabric gifts! I love to meet young quilters. At 40 I was the youngest quilter in my guild for a couple of years but no more. :-)