Monday, August 12, 2013

The End of The Road, And What We Found There.

I love being out in nature.  I love rest it is for my soul.
The kids and I drank that in on our walk.
We added more adventure on our way back...because a gate was open.

As we walked, I noticed some pines ahead.  From experience I've noticed that those are not a common pasture tree...they must be planted there with a purpose.
And we found the purpose, it was someone's farm.

The house was gone, only a basement hole to show for it.
A sink was still there.
The cellar.
We loved finding all the sidewalks and steps that let to the house "hole."
My favorite part was the barn.  Wow.
I really like big, old barns.
I wanted to just pop my tent and move there.
After a pass through the barn we checked out the other buildings, the chicken house, the grainary, etc..
But it was back to the barn we all went.

Finally, it was time to head back towards the car.  So silly, Brenna with the bb-gun.

The lovely grass was quite tall!
Hello, cows!
As we walked back down the road, Quinn let out a yelp.  Right in front of him, someone was digging furiously!  We quietly made our way to the other ditch and watched as the dirt flew out of the hole.  So close.
It was back to the real world from there...until another time.


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