Monday, September 02, 2013

Ladies Outing

Each summer our church ladies Mission Circle go on an outing.  This year mom and I volunteered to head up the adventure.  On last year's outing we went to MONA and saw some paintings by Robert Henri. Soooo...
...we went to Cozad to the Robert Henri museum.  Cool stuff!
The museum is located in his boyhood home which was also a boarding house.  I love it and would move in if they'd let me.  They have placed his artwork throughout the house.
His family name was Cozad and his father started Cozad, NE but due to a murder the family scattered and changed their names.  Hence, Robert Henri, not Cozad.  This painting is a copy of another artist's work.
Hehe, look it is my machine.  Debbie and I went for the Vanna White approach.
Can you spy our "little" one? ;)
This was Robert Henri's room and that is a photograph of him on the wall.  Isn't it a lovely little bed and quilt!?
I really like this one, so simple and sweet!
Group picture!  There were 11 ladies and we had a lovely time!
This is the dining room.
They've framed a spot where Robert wrote his initials on the wall as a child.
There were a lot of activities going on in Cozad that day, but we decided to stick to our first plan.  We headed to Lexington and ate at Madeline's.  It was wonderful!  Then we continued on to Overton, NE to Tiede's!  Many treasures were found.
Love my church ladies and all the fun we had :)


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