Tuesday, September 17, 2013

State Fair 2013

Next up in the adventures of Kristen and Alissa...the Nebraska State Fair!
It has been awhile back now but who cares.
We're a bit fruity :)
Isn't this clever?!  The corn is made from cans of corn.
And there is a pink piggy!
We got to see Hendrick's racing pigs.  They are fun to see each year, so silly!
We enjoyed seeing the new babies in the birthing room, looking at all the beautiful quilts, listening to an antique specialist and eating dippin' dots ice cream.
Filling out the survey about our visit!

And then we went to the free TobyMac concert.  It was loud and full of uber excited youth, but a lot of fun!
To me TobyMac is that third guy in DCtalk a band from my youth.  I didn't know any of his songs, but was tickled when he did my favorite song from DCtalk.

Fun times!

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