Saturday, October 19, 2013

Let Me Begin...

It's hard to know where to begin when sharing about my trip to Haiti.  It's hard to know what to share.  I will try.  It began with a cup of coffee :)
 Flying in over the island was beautiful.  The Caribbean is really the blue that you see in pictures.  The shoreline looked like bits of glass were swept up out of the ocean.
We stayed in Port-Au-Prince with missionary friends.  This was not to be a working trip, where we built churches, paint buildings or put on a VBS.  It was a visionary trip, to learn about the ministries there, the country itself and how to pray.
Our first full day we headed to the mountain region of Cazale.  Driving in Haiti is quite an experience...anything goes.  I loved our time spent driving, it was so good to see the people and see how they lived and intermingled.
We also saw some livestock on our drive away from the city.  They are a bit leaner than the cattle of Nebraska :) Lots of bananas are to be seen, on the backs of trucks or the backs of people.

It rained the night before and made the road we traveled up a bit more adventurous.
Small shanties on the hills.
There were spots where it looked like we almost couldn't pass.
 And this was the prospect of sliding down :S
Our destination was the Rescue Center of Real Hope For Haiti. I've followed their blog and aided in their ministry for several years now.  Amazing to see it in action.  What they are doing is big, but where they do it is so small.
Merely three houses.  To the left here you see a roofed area where patients wait and receive health education.  They then go into the house right behind and see a nurse.
Lori gave us the first part of our tour.  I loved hearing her heart.  Her favorite room is the medical store room.  Here is where God has many times miraculously provided.  Sharing those stories brought tears to her eyes.
Lori loved having Wanda there, another medical personnel to understand about the meds, etc.
After touring that area, Licia gave us a tour of the children's home where they care for babies who have lost their mother.  They care for and feed the children until they are able to eat regular food and go home with dad or other family.  We also saw and met several children who are receiving medical treatment there.  Precious little ones who need extra help.  One little boy with bandages wrapped around his head ran to each of us and hugged our legs.
The best part of our visit was sitting down with Lori, and a few others to at lunch.  She was so willing and open to share about the hardships and joys of their ministry.  I LOVED hearing her heart and better knowing how to pray.  Amazing to see how serving the LORD can bless the Haitian people.  They have such a  great platform to get into the lives of these people and share Christ.


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