Tuesday, October 01, 2013

To Haiti I Go.

So, tomorrow morning bright and early I am heading to Haiti for a week with two other ladies.  I haven't really shouted it from the rooftops.  I hope no one feels neglected for not knowing.  I sometimes forget that other people care what is going on in my life...I could be a hermit :)
Anywho...I'm excited for this trip.  However, the migraine that awoke me this morning at 5am really didn't help my final packing.  So I'll begin the trip feeling behind and trying not to let that get me down :S
We three ladies will be staying with some missionaries in Port-Au-Prince who are from NE and good friends of the other two ladies.  We will be doing a lot of ministry visiting.  This aspect has me the most excited!  I cried when I read our itinerary and saw that I'd be seeing some amazing ministries I've been supporting and praying for for several years! Who cares about seeing famous people, this is awesome!
We will also be ministering to a group of young ladies who are being taught/discipled by the missionaries we're staying with there.  I will be doing a craft project with them and the other two ladies will be doing some biblical teaching.  It will be so neat getting to meet these young ladies and share the love of Jesus with them.  The love of Jesus is why I'm going.  Forget the humanitarian aspect of helping others for a moment...without the hope of something eternal it is fleeting.  I'm not going because I'm an American with a better way, I'm going because of Christ because He is the way, the truth and the life.  I want them to know that Christ loves them, died for them and provides eternal life.
So, off we go to the big city tonight.  I would appreciate your prayers for our travels and for God's hand at work while we are there.  May I be open to His leading.


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  1. Saying a prayer foe you! Have a wonderful time!!!