Sunday, November 03, 2013

A Quiet Sunday In Haiti...Filled With Thought

So the Sunday we were in Haiti was a quiet one.  We went to church.  Jason preached on abiding in Christ. It was a great time spent in the Word.  My favorite part was joining in communion with brothers and sisters there.  What a blessing.
 I was honestly in people overload and pulled back to be alone more on this day.  There was so much to process and I don't like to process out loud with others too much.  So I spent time on my bed and time on the lovely porch.
 I enjoyed time in God's word, enjoying the view and taking in the sounds of Haiti.
 That evening we went to the White's for fellowship and a little Nebraska football :)
Here is a view from the end of their little street.
 This was all turned to rubble due to the earthquake and if another were to hit, it looks like it would tumble yet again.
 Hehe, this tree is used to hold up all sorts of wires!
It was a good, relaxing, thoughtful day.


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