Friday, November 08, 2013

"Downtown" and Heartline

More driving!  Houses on the hill.
 I love that they still carry things on their heads.

 This was the only area where I saw buildings made from wood, the rest were concrete blocks.  These would be French influence.
 This statue of the man blowing a conch is a Haitian symbol and is on many things.
 A giant torch...Schmick's have never seen it lit.
Behind this gate was the presidential palace that was destroyed in the earthquake.

 Beauty and pain so intermingled...
 Shacks on a hill, look like they could topple down.
 Artwork for sale along many roads.
 We drove downtown to go and visit the basket shops, but when we got there they were closed for 2 weeks.  Our next stop was at Heartline Ministries.
 We were early and so shopped their creations!
 We visited their maternity center.  They have a program that takes women from pre-birth through 6 months after to educate, help and reach out to them with God's truth.  It is an amazing ministry.
 They were doing vital signs and lunch for their following birth class when we were there.  Such precious little ones. Heartline has several other aspects to their ministry. Check them out!
 We passed Wall Mart on our way home ;)

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