Friday, November 01, 2013

Finish It Up Friday...Chevron Wallet

It has been time for a new wallet for a bit now.  I bought the last one several years ago at Target with my dear friend K O-J.  The zipper tab has fallen off and the fake leather is peetering out on all of the edges.
Last week when we were shopping I looked around, but nothing caught my eye.  So, I made a new one!

I still think the front needs a little embellishment but I'm not sure what yet.  I used this wallet tutorial and worked pretty slick.  I really like this blue print with well known architecture all over it.  Finally found a use for it!
 The tutorial did not include any type of zippered coin area on the wallet.  I improvised and added one to the back. 
 You can't tell but I did quilt along the chevron pattern.
Fun times, new wallet!


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