Friday, November 29, 2013

Finish It Up Friday...Stripe Knit Dress

My finish this week is a dress.  I finished it awhile back, but had yet to get pictures of it on me.  I also was waiting for this cardigan to arrive in the mail.
I found this knit stripe fabric at either the junk jaunt, the junk store in Overton or some other place.  A dress is what I envisioned when I purchased it.
My sister was photographing me and kept taking pictures even as I walked towards her.  This one actually gives you a better idea of the whole dress.  It is one piece, the gray top and stripe skirt are sewn together.  The navy belt was from another dress I made and goes with it quite well.
So this was my fun, Thanksgiving attire.
Happy Friday!


  1. Fun---fun skirt!! great finish!

  2. Love it, and the sweater really enhances it also.