Monday, November 11, 2013

From The Roof To The Mountain

Wow, it has been over a month now since I returned from my week in Haiti.
Not a week easily forgotten and yet so easy to slip back into everyday life.
I'm still chewing on what God has been teaching me through my trip.
I'll share this last post of pictures.
Here we are up on the Schmick's roof.  The ladder there is how we got up!
A roof next door.  They were doing some construction work on the second wall behind that red door during our stay.  Home construction is a means of a savings account there since the banks are corrupt.  Put your money into a project until you get more to add to it.
The generator is on the roof.  They also get their water from the roof ;) When it rains, the water goes down a pipe into a cistern.  The generator pumps it back up to the container on the roof to create water pressure for their water.  They buy water for drinking.
Such amazing views!
School is out! There are tons of little schools, so you see a multitude of different uniforms.
Jason took us up the mountain.  Unlike most US coastal cities where everyone wants to live right on the beach, the richer Haitians live further away from the water up the mountain more.
Someone, somewhere provided money for the homes stacked up the side of the mountain to be painted in lots of bright colors.  It is very pretty and makes them look better.  Thy still look a bit like a card castle, ready to tumble with just a little shake.
Here are some unpainted.
Hmm, cows. We took the only road that goes up the mountain. It was rather winding.
School was just getting out and so we met lots of school children coming down the mountain. There were a few villages on the way up.
At the top is the Baptist Haiti Mission.
They have an almost American restaurant there.  There aren't any chain stores in Haiti, on the other side of the island in the Dominican Republic yes, Haiti no.
Cheeseburger, fries and a coke.
Part of the Baptist Haiti Mission has a greenhouse.  They even have geraniums, however you can't take them to Port-Au-Prince as they die.  Not so up in the cooler climate of the mountain.
Our open air view as we ate.  You could see farmers out in their fields slowly making their way across them like little ants.  It was beautiful!
Before heading back down the mountain we stopped at the lookout point.
You had another opportunity to buy some Haitian treasures :)
It is an amazing view of Port-Au-Prince.  On a clearer day you can see the lake off to the right that marks the border between Haiti and Dominican Republic.
And on a really clear day you can see the island of Cuba off to the left!
An orange tree.
It was a beautiful end to an amazing week!

One last drive by the "fabric store" on the way down :)
Need a rooster?
Home again, home again, jiggety, jig.

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