Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Market, The Tin Shop and Driving In Haiti

Driving in Haiti.
So much to see there.
Sweet girls, heading home from school.
Dressed so tidy, their appearance is important.
The roads hit both ends of the spectrum.
Some nicely new and paved.
Some so rough and bumpy, filled with puddles from rain.
Is Elvis alive and living in Haiti...
...this gate would be his.
Selling your items along the street.
Praying enough will be bought to meet your needs.
Garage sales gone wrong as someone has said. ;)
To market, to market, to buy us some goat.
Simply placed in this black plastic bag.
So many sounds, smells and faces to see.
The market brought smiles, questions and thoughts.
(The candy didn't come from the market, but from someone's American baggage.)
More selling you see along the way.
Each trying to sell something.
Colors so bright on a tap-tap they are found.
People everywhere.
Traffic is different, that is for sure.
The tin shops with their magnificent art.
Tap, tap, tap, tapping fills the air.
The queen of the tin shops? ;)
A throne too!
Come in, they say and see what we've made.
Buy mine, how much will you pay?
A band walking by, waving flags, playing horns.
What is this all about, witch craft maybe.
Hop on the tap-tap! Oh, wait we need fuel.
Hang on nearly through.
That earthquake that hit and sent many here.
Not much trace do you see.
One of a few final visual reminders.
A tent city nearly gone.

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