Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another Slagle Tree Adventure!

Off we go, into the wild blue yonder...
To get Christmas tree!!
 Brenna and I were not alone this year.  We decided to get the tree while my brother's family was still here over Thanksgiving.  We didn't go far either due to some upset tummies.
 Brenna and I were the ones to actually find the winning tree, but no worries.  It was actually the only one worth looking at.
 The rest looked like this poor little thing...see through tree!
 My nephew soon came to help!
 And grandpa came along with my niece.
 Can't forget the guy on the bike, either ;)
 Hehe, it is always fun to watch my dad down under the tree with the saw.  Not quite as funny as it was to cut it down with Brenna.

 Even the little guy got to help out a bit :)
 Dad may have had some words about the prickliness of this year's tree.

 We had a wonderful time decorating the tree with the kids.  The little guy LOVED the lights!
 Everybody helped...except dad and my brother.

 'Twas a beautiful start to our Christmas season and decorating!


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