Saturday, December 07, 2013

Dining Room Revamp

Several years back...about 7, we painted our dining room.  The kitchen matched with yellow walls and red cupboards.  In recent years our carpet has begun to show its desperate need of replacement.  So, I decided to fix it with the funds I have.
Mom was never sold on the yellow, not the color she was thinking when she chose it.  So, we went for a light tan color.  We did leave the kitchen as it is.
I bought a 7' 10" x 12' rug that coordinated with the red and the new wall color.  We ripped up carpet around the edges and scraped and scraped and scraped the foam gunk on the linoleum underneath.
 You can see better the ugly carpet that was there in this picture of Quinn.
 I finished the walls and most of the scraping in time for a jewelry party mom was hosting.  There it sat, not quite finished.  With Thanksgiving on its way as well as my brother and his family, I decided to finish the project.  I don't want him to think we can't get anything done without him :P
So I got out the paint we purchased to paint around the edges where the rug does not cover.  We were going more for black, but this gray works too.  Hurray for a finished project! 
I ended up buying two smaller matching rugs for the kitchen and hallway!


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  1. Okay how did I not notice the wall color when we were there?