Friday, January 24, 2014

Finish It Up Friday...Baby Girl Dutch Rose Quilt

I enjoy making things for others.  A friend at work is having a baby next month.  I made her sister-in-law a diaper bag as a shower gift and so she requested on as well.  I failed to get a picture of it in all its black and green goodness.
Then she asked if I could make a quilt for the new baby.  Yay, for babies!!  She gave me freedom on colors and design, but did share what her first child's quilt looked like.  Here is the first block:
 Once they knew it was a girl, I got busy.  I made this block as part of my nesting dolls quilt.
She had also mentioned a bright pink and black car seat that she and her husband had looked at, so I went with those colors.  It was awesome to be able to use some of my stash too! 
 She asked for a flannel back, and I had a pink polka dot for that part.  I also happened to have some strips of green already cut for something else.  They were a bit narrow so it is a small binding.
Also, I finished binding it the night before the shower and washed it the morning of.  That being said, I nearly forgot to take pictures.  Only remembered as I was preparing to put it in the gift bag :)
I love it!


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  1. This quilt is striking. I love the pink with black and the pop of green.