Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Handwork

For my birthday, I received two moda honeycomb stacks.  I took them on as my handwork project.  I can't sit doing nothing very well.  So if we watch a movie as a family or go on a car trip I take along some handwork.  The last one was my farmer's wife quilt blocks, they are all done and now need sewn together.
I laid out all of the hexagons, but decided they needed just a bit more of something to pull them together. 
I picked green!
 I found a picture of these hexagon pillows and decided to try that for the design using green in between the hexagons.
I have hand sew all of the hexagons into rows and now just need a few more end triangles and to join the rows.
 I thought hand piecing would take forever, but it really goes along quite quickly after a bit.  I did find that it makes my points MUCH more accurate than if I were racing along on my treadle or electric machine :)


  1. Love your inspiration pillows!

  2. I had to dig a bit to find this...I love the picture on your header! It is so pretty! I just saw a post on how to make this pattern with no y-seams! When I find it again, I'll pass it on!