Friday, February 14, 2014

Finish It Up Friday...Roundabout Geese

I bought some fabric on a whim the other day.  I didn't need it!  But, it was such a cute little stack of 5 in squares that I did anyway.  Last week I decided to jump in and use it.  So I looked in my Schnibbles to find a pattern :).
The Roundabout sounded the best for what I had.  It actually called for 50 squares and I only had 40, but I decided I would just make it a little smaller.
 I didn't cut my squares down quite as much as it called for so that I wasn't wasting as much fabric.  Then I sewed together the cut off, throw away triangles and kept them.  I just can't seem to throw away those triangles for any quilt.
In the end I had 21 blocks for the quilt.  I used the squares to make flying geese and added a row to widen the quilt.  It kind of breaks up the repetitive roundabouts.
 I machine-quilted in the ditch and I love how this wee, little baby quilt turned out :)
I put the extra block and flying geese on the back.
It measures in at 26 in by 30 in.



  1. Cute! I love flying geese.

  2. Super cute! Great idea to break up the roundabouts with geese.