Thursday, March 27, 2014

Goodbye, Poor Fred

We used to have a parakeet.  He grew old and passed away.  However, it was too cold for us to bury our bird, Fred and the kiddos were adamant that he needed a burial.  So...we put him in the tiny freezer box in our extra refrigerator for a warmer day.
Fast forward 4 years when someone finally remembered Fred on a day that didn't constitute concrete ground!  Time for Fred's proper disposal.
Hehe, I was still in the beginning recovery stage of a cold on this day.  I laughed and coughed and sputtered throughout all of these pictures :)  Anywho...Quinn needed a small cardboard box and I had just received my Pink Zebra order.  So, the casket smelled nice and pretty for Fred!
I made them walk all nice in a row, the dog just decided to jump in.  Nice touch, Stella!
Dad found a nice spot over by the evergreen trees.  We did not bury him next to the front porch as Quinn requested.
In goes the Pink Zebra box!
Glad we finally accomplished that!
I then proceeded to take pictures of the herd.
How you doin'?

Wait, that's not a bovine!  We've added goats to our list of livestock once again.

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