Wednesday, March 12, 2014

His Turn

Poor Quinn hasn't gotten many opportunities to play actual basketball games.
Awhile back, he finally had that chance.  There was a 3rd and 4th grade tournament in our county.
 There are only maybe two boys in that category, so it was a mixed team that played the other boys teams in the tournament.
 As you can see here, they had everybody from K up to 4th grade playing.  They were a bit of a raggamuffin group but the did well and had fun.  
 The coach said that no one would care that we had such a mixed group as long as we didn't win.  That wasn't a problem, but they did a good job putting up a fight :)
 Brenna and I have been working on a new dress for her in the sewing room.  Quinn decided that he too wanted to jump in with a new sewing project.
 He decided on this messenger bag since we had an upcoming trip.  He was excited at the prospect of having somewhere to keep all his goodies.
 We made it out of denim, an old pair of his pants actually, and lined it in a fun pirate print.
I am loving the opportunities to teach them this skill!


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