Saturday, March 01, 2014

Nebraska...147 Years!!

Happy Birthday, Nebraska!  I love this state in which I was born, raised and still live.
Yesterday was such funny weather.  It was cold and blustery.  We had some snow...with sunshine at the same time.
The clouds and bits of blue sky and sunshine caught my eye on the drive home.
I've noticed this winter that so often our winter colors are actually pale sky blue and a light yellow.
The clouds were making shadows over this corn field.
Today is Nebraska's 147th birthday.  I thought about taking the day off for an historical marker adventure, but decided against it for some reason.  Now I am glad I's colder and windier today than it was yesterday!  So instead, I'll sew until work :)


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  1. Like the new header! I always think pale blue and pale yellow are Nebraska's winter colors.