Monday, March 24, 2014

Travels with Coopers.

Why is she wearing a silly hat? Why not!
I took a mini "vacation" a few weeks ago.  The homeschool basketball team goes down to Kansas every spring for a tournament.  I decided I needed some time away and went with.
We stopped in at the McPherson thrift store and Cora kindly modeled this hat.  Brenna actually bought it later as her souvenir :)
 Another mom and two of her girls rode with us and made it all the more fun!  We watched ball off and on throughout the weekend.  I knitted most of the time.
 We took a few detours on our route home.  One was to find out what this huge old building was for.  We could see it from afar.  A convent! Who knew, there is a large convent in Concordia, KS?
 We decided to grab some dessert too while we were in town.  The license plate on the truck in front of us brought on some Lost and Found listening.  Gotta love Saskatchewan!
 Later, when getting gas in Hebron, NE we noticed a sign for the World's Largest Porch Swing.  We had to check it out!
 It was not what I expected and we decided it should rather be called the world's longest porch swing since that is the only element which is oversized.  Fun, nonetheless!
 The sign also mentioned a prisoner of war camp.  Following the signs we found it now as a city park.  Woot, woot, there was a historical marker to fill us in on the details.  I love all of the red hair in this one!
 The park also sported a pay phone, but it didn't work :( Fun times.

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