Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Adventure With Grandma.

My grandma and I took a little road trip last weekend.  While my mom and siblings were at a home school conference, we headed south to find some of my grandpa's roots.
 This cemetery took some creative driving to find.  We tried many of the white rock roads to find it.  We were successful!
 I'm not perfectly clear on who everyone was, but I think they were my grandpa's uncles.
 It looked lovely out, but was cool and windy standing out in the open cemetery.
 This was once I'm assuming the Spring Creek church, all that is left of what once was a community.
 We headed into Tecumseh for lunch at this really cool soda fountain/restaurant.
 The walls were lined with photos of soldiers from the area who had served in any of our wars.  So cool to look through!
 After lunch we headed back to my cousin's house where we all crashed for the weekend.
Check out the Hay Minions I saw on the way!!
 I loved spending time with these hoodlums :)
 Crazy and cute to boot!

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