Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Love Historical Marker Adventures!!!

Well, it started on a cold, snowy morning in March.  It was time for another historical marker adventure!
 Along the way I was able to see the Sandhills Cranes.  They are quite the deal, so many birds.
 The day really stayed along the Oregon Trail and Pony Express Route as we kept running into markers for both.
 I used the route formed to try and re-find a few markers that were missing on previous trips.  Here is one that Shilo and I were sad to find broken and dilapidated.
Yay, IT'S FIXED!!!
 I then drove around Red Cloud to find a few more.  Isn't their county museum gorgeous!!?
 Sad stairs.
 This cute little church was missing it's marker also.
Hurray it is back!
 After making up for lost markers, I headed to Superior to meet up with the lovely Miss Cindie!!
 So glad to get me some "Cindie Time."
 More Oregon Trail, yo!
 Welcome to Oak.  It is a sad little community with lots of signs of what used to be.
 They still have saloon girls though ;)  Look in the upstairs windows.
 The original townsite of Oah was near this home...and their dog.  So glad he wasn't too ferocious as I ran back and forth from the camera trying to get a decent shot!
 There was a random headstone across from the house too.
 Then we followed this sweet gravel road.

 This is what we found.  There was an Indian raid and some people were killed and some held captive.  This is supposed to be where they fled for shelter.  I think we enjoyed finding this more than the drunk people who signed the book last ;)
 Oak was full of treasures.  Next we followed a road up on top of the hill and found a cemetery.
 Oh, the bad spelling.
 Some Comstock folks were from around here.  Wonder if their is any connection to Comstock, NE.
 Sweet Pearl.
More to come :)


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