Monday, April 21, 2014

More Marker Monday!

Have you ever been to Belvidere? Probably not for most of you.  I never had been there until Cindie and I made a marker stop at the Thayer County Museum.
The marker was in front of the museum which is housed in this awesome old school building.  A sad remembrance of days gone by, but a wonderful use of such a neat building.
We trucked up the front stairs to see if it was open.  :(
Then we just decided to look around at the things outside.
Someone can come after us, but it was worth it.  The side door was open.
The ground level hallway when around the gymnasium.  How cool is this place!?
They have such awesome displays and so many items.  Here is an icebox.
I seriously LOVE this kitchen cupboard set!
They weren't quite set up for the season so all of the mannequins had plastic over them.
Aww, an Anne book was on the school desk in the room set up as a classroom.
I love the old curtain with the advertisers on it.  I attended a country school that also had one of these curtains for our stage!
Hehe, they have a bear too!  See him?
Leaving everything as we found it, we headed outside to check out the farm equipment, jail cell, etc...
We loved Belvidere!
Continuing on our way we found yet another extra Oregon Trail marker.
The Thayer County courthouse is pretty neat looking too!  It used to have a middle tower, but a tornado hit Hebron in the 50's and it had to be removed.  We saw pictures from the tornado on a poster in the museum.
Deshler, NE used to be in a different location and called Friedensau...who knew?
Our day was filled with markers and cemeteries.  We made another stop at this roadside Lutheran cemetery.
I love the beautiful script writing on this one!
The last of our markers was for the Skirmish at Spring Creek.
We had such a lovely time, but it was then time to head back to Superior and our separate drives home.  Thank you, Cindie!

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