Friday, April 18, 2014

Part Two

And so our journey continues...
I've seen several markers for the different Army air fields that are no more.  This one needs some TLC.
 This extra marker was right next to it.  Who knew!
 Ohiowa was a fun stop!  This cool auditorium is still being used.
 We used the toilet at the bar across the street.  It was a strange little bathroom, or closet :S
 It was so fun to spend time with my friend that I nearly would forget to stop sometimes.  Our time was so refreshing!
 We went to Milligan, the grand location for a Pepsi commercial.  I didn't see any remnants of the festivities.
 I've actually already been there for a marker...but now there are 3 new ones!  Sadly, they were all for plane crashes.
 Shilo and I found this one in the dark one night, but Cindie and I decided to get it again just for fun visit the cemetery :)
 This quaint little Czech and Irish, Catholic chapel was so sweet.
 We looked about at the fun names and old headstones.  Not sure why so many of them had an entire flat top above ground.
 It was a beautiful day for a drive!

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