Friday, May 16, 2014

Finish It Up Friday...Helen's Stars

I finally have a finish to share!
I washed it and went straight outside to take pictures.  This is what I got...thank you wind.
 I had to get creative.  First, I slapped it up against this hay bale and let the wind hold it there.
 Then, I used the chain-link dog kennel.  It suctioned it right on :)
 Anyway, I received this project as finished blocks when I inherited some of my fabric.  All but one of these blocks were done and there were pieces for a few more.  I made one into a block and used the rest to piece the to half-square triangle ends and the pieced section on the back.  I also found among the blocks her original plans for this quilt.  How neat to know what she intended.

 I did the quilting on my treadle machine, just some simple echo quilting along with stars in the blank squares.
 At my mom's suggestion, I did the back in flannel.  I found a plaid among my stash that matched the colors quite well, but didn't have enough.
 The blue is actually the back of some aztec-looking print flannel.  And then I had to make a block for the final spot in the corner.
 It makes for a beautiful throw quilt and will be great as we go through some more cool, spring days here in Nebraska!

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  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Your quilt is so lovely and very appealing! Thanks for sharing it.