Friday, June 13, 2014

Finish It Up Friday...Bright Stripes for C and The Throne

This week's finish is a gift for a special little boy!  I went with simple stripes in lots of different colors to catch his eye!
It wasn't until I took it out to photograph that I discovered the ships and the "C" are going in opposite directions.  Oops :S
It came together quickly and I just did some simple straight lines for the quilting.  The back is a light green.
I hope he likes it :)  Looking forward to giving it to him later this month.

Here is also the finished look of my giant throne chair!  I took some stain to it the other day to even out the color a bit.  It isn't all as dark as I'd like, but looks much better.  I also spent a bit too much and bought three lounge chair cushions to cover it.  They fit perfectly though and even tie down.  Fun stuff!

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  1. I love the fabrics you have pulled together in this quilt. It's very rich looking. I'm sure it will be loved.