Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Projects Are Fun!!

I like projects.  I like the feeling of finishing things.  I'm task-oriented.
My cousin is one of the coordinators of a local rodeo.  He commissioned me to make him some vests for the timers, judges, etc.  Here is my dad modeling one :)
 Made three, very simple quick project!
 I recently decided to change up the color of my dresser and headboard.  I have had these for nearly 20 years.  The headboard was still actually sporting some permanent marker art from my now 26 year old brother.  Here is a mid-process before picture.
 I went with this fun, teal-blue spray paint. It is called Seaside.
 It is really bright, but fun! (Please excuse the real life mess, no staging for my photos)
 I also did some work on Brenna's dresser.  Her drawers were junk and the bottoms kept falling out.  We purchased some cute little cubbies and bins and she is using that instead.  This part of the dresser was taking up much of our basement hallway.  Before I found the spray paint color I wanted I purchased some regular paint at the lumber store.  It is more of a blue, less teal.  My plan is to have dad help me put some boards in as shelves and use it for storage.  Maybe someday it can hold my dishes ;)
 Said dresser also had a mirror which Brenna did need.  So we continued with the spray painting theme and brightened it up.  Her dresser was a very dark brown fake wood grain stuff.
 Hehe, mirrors are fun!
 I hit my foot once...now I'm starting to "smurf"!
 Here is her new mirror.  It might actually show her face now...she's so tall!
 This isn't a project, just a shout out to my AMAZING parents on their anniversary!
Happy 36th, thanks for being you!  What a couple of babies they were!

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  1. My toes were blue from my patio table project-we would have matched!