Wednesday, June 04, 2014

This is the chair that Alissa built.

I wanted to do a project with the my siblings on Saturday.  We had three pallets in the back yard.  So I googled around and found a pallet chair to make.  Here are our materials:
 I've never used an electric circular saw and I opted for the old fashioned elbow grease method.  We sawed and sawed.  The "plans" called for gigantic screws to hold it together...we had none.
 I did find some gigantic nails though.  And so we began to hammer away at our creation.  There was a lot of sweat involved on this warm, fine morning. Random aside, I built it in a dress :)
 I kind of had the idea of making this dad's Father's Day gift...we didn't finish before he came home.  He and his power tools helped us finish the job.  I tried to stop him, but my weeny arms were tired.
 So...our pallets weren't nearly as nice as the ones the tutorial used.
It took a lot of support boards not shown.
But, hey we have a giant chair in our yard!!
I think the final plans are to stain it dark like the front boards (they came from an old daybed we had) and put on some outdoor lounge cushions.
Maybe I should call it my "birthday throne" for tomorrow!


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  1. Oh my goodness! This so makes me laugh!