Friday, September 05, 2014

Finish It Up Friday...Grandma's Doilies.

My grandma gave me these little doilies.  She bought them at a family reunion auction and thought I could make something out of them.
 They are such a fun variety of colors!
 I thought about just attaching them to each other, but it seemed rather bland.  So I rummaged about and found some semi-coordinating fabrics for a background.
 I did a little bit of playing before the final layout.  I tried putting the doilies on different background colors, but decided they looked best on their coordinating color.
 At the last minute I turned the solid colored doilies on end and LOVED it!
So here is my final product!
 It is a nice little wall hanging.  I added three loops at the top to slip a dowel through.
 I didn't use any batting in this one and so I did a flip and stitch to finish the edges. 
 Here is the back.
 I don't know where its final hanging place will be, but for now it is right at my eye level :)!

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  1. Annie3:01 PM

    It's always a challenge to use vintage pieces in a quilt, but you've done it! It's a wonderful wall hanging!