Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Nebraska State Fair 2014

We went to the State Fair last week.  It was a combined trip because Grandma was in the hospital down there and mom had stayed with her.  She's home now and didn't feel too bad there.  She gave us "permission" to go see the sights ;)
 We shot some archery.  Brenna and Quinn are such old pros at this!
 Hehe, it was quite muddy.  We followed these people over the sweet, pallet bridge through the mud.
 Both kids had projects that made it to state.  I failed to get a picture of Quinn with his rocket.
 Brenna got a special recognition ribbon on her whole wheat bread!

 We saw elephants!  They were pretty cool.

 We saw wolves.  Very informative, kinda cool.
 We took in the pig races...as always!  Hehe, mom was trying to get them to pick me as a team cheerleader.  They picked her instead :D
 Our pig won the first race!
 I sent my Star War lego quilt to fair.  It received 5th place in the original design class.  Yay!
 I sent two others also.
 My third one is there in the top row.  The one with bright, colorful circles.
 Brenna was making fun of Pump N Pantries new mascot when we drove by the gas station.  I made her take photo with him when we ended up seeing him at the fair.
 Here are the penguins.  They are not real penguins.  I thought they were...until people in penguin suits started running through the crowd.
 A fun show!
 We had a great time!

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