Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Tradition...Stuhr Style

 When my youngest brother and sister were little we started a new family tradition.  Each year we attend the Christmas even at Stuhr Museum.  This year was no different!  
 I love the feeling of going back in time.  The darkness, lit by kerosene lanterns and sometimes the crunch of snow are so restful.  It never fails to cause me to slow down, to be still and remember the reason we celebrate.
 I've always claimed to be an old lady in a young body.  And pretending I live in the 1890s warms my heart.  I would love to go back and be a part of those "simpler" times.  A time where so much of your time was taken up with surviving.
 So pretty! 

 I'd move in if they'd let me.

 This year there was a choir singing in the church.  It was beautiful!  How I love the old carols and their praise to the Christ child.

May your Christmas season be turned to the birth of Christ and what he did for us.  If you claim him, if you know him...don't just leave him in the manger or on the cross.  What are we doing with the precious truth?


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