Saturday, January 03, 2015

Finish It Up Friday...Post Christmassy Projects.

I finished two Christmassy projects...after Christmas :)
Neither of these projects were much planned.
 I made a moose...I did not intend to make a moose in my spare time.  In some of the fabrics I've received was a panel with this moose's parts and dress.  I picked it up the other day while we were all lounging in the basement together.  Once I started I realized how like a doll this was and did not want to continue...but I'd already started.
 Mom thinks she's cute and wants to keep her :)  The table runner also came from some gifted fabric.  There were these sets of four sewn together already.  I didn't want to just keep them or to throw them away, so a table runner it is!
 All our Christmas decorations were already up and now available table spot was found, so I hung it on our cupboard.
 It could have gone here too, I guess!
 I added the appliqued trees to give some focal points.  My little sister had this star button that looks fabulous atop the tree.  I'm thinking maybe next year I'll add more buttons as ornaments on the trees.
And now we pack them all away for next year.  But, hey!  I cleared some fabric out of my way too large stash :)


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