Monday, February 09, 2015

Hey, Hey I'm Still Here :)

I've only managed to post on Finish It Up Fridays lately.  Didn't even get that done this week.  Sometimes I just like to be "invisible" a bit. I thought it was time to say hello.
 I did have a finish this week, but it hasn't made it to its new home yet.  Here is just a sneak peak:
 I took some days off last week to finish that and work on some other quilting projects.  I ended up finding a way to finish some UFOS, of mine and others.
I made a baby quilt with these fabrics and had half-square triangles left over.  Hey, chevrons are in!
 I'm not sure if I bought these leaf blocks or if someone gave them to me.  I pulled them out and decided to try and fit them into a nice throw quilt.  Mom and Brenna helped me pick out some 30's prints to go with.

 I also managed to finish up last years Sugar Blocks with Amy Gibson.  I decided that putting blocks on point was kind of fun and tried it again.
It is a darker choice than I usually make, but I really like it too! 
 Once I got all of the chevrons made I decided to quilt it up and turn it into a pillow.  I plan on giving it to the people I made the baby quilt for since it matches!
 We've been having some crazy weather for late January/February.  It was 70 degrees out last week and last Sunday we didn't have any church services in the area due to snow, snow, snow.
I went with a dress yesterday since it has been warmer.  I got this black dress from my grandma.  She wore it back in 1974!  Fun times!

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